InMechaSol - Training Center

Through Education we Breed Innovation

Through Innovation we Breed Solutions

InMechaSol's Training Center exists to bridge the gap from eduction to implementation of the complete Product Computing Eco System.

Regardless of industry, People interact with Products:

  • Customer's, Operator's, End-user's, or Patient's require an intuitive interface to the product, any related apps, and any related data
  • Developer interactions require advanced custom tools (Engineering Interface).
  • Production interaction require advanced custom tools of different purposes (Production Line Interface).
  • Quality and Regulatory require Access to data from Production and Developer testing tools, possibly from the product itself (QA Database Interface).
  • Service interaction requires tools with similar features and further restrictions (Technician's Interface).

InMechaSol's Training Center teaches focus on the complete computing ecosystem:

  • Common data shared securely throughout the eco-system.
  • Common intellectual property used throughout the eco-system.
  • Reduced time to market for new innovations.
  • Computing eco-systems supporting both tight control continuous improvement.
  • Automation of development and operations tasks (versioning, building, testing, deploying).